How to Enjoy Watching Basketball (4)

          Basketball is one of the most famous sports in many foreign countries but Japanese people do not usually watch basketball games. I want people who do not watch basketball games to understand interest of basketball. First of all, dunk shoot is the most exciting play in basketball. Spectators can feel player’s power and quickness. If they watch dunk shoot, they must be excited. Also, three points shoot is exciting. Players sometimes succeed in three points shoot from unbelievably far distant. If spectators focus on watching player’s function, they may be more interesting in basketball. Each five player has distinct role, depending on the positions; point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. The main job of a point guard is to control team’s offense. The job of a shooting guard is always to try shoot even if his/her condition is not good. The sizes of a small forward and power forward are different. Power forward is higher and heavier than small forward but their function is to get points in a game. The job of a center is to take rebounds and to be the main person to do good team’s defense. All five players perform tactically through their every role. Basketball is only exciting but also tactical sports. It is so interesting.


Welcome To This Class 1

          Hello, I am Daiki Funamoto. I am third years student in KGU and have taken writing class. The main reason I have taken this class is to get a teaching license of English. I tell new students positive and attention points of this class. First of all, new students will get great writing skills in this class because they have to keep rewriting and rewriting. In this class, teacher Yasuda gives you only hints to improve their essays. Then they have to find answers about their mistakes. Attention point is that teacher is a liitle fear with new students. If they overcome a fear, new students will trust in teacher Yasuda. I recommend this class to new students who can study hard and have spirit to suceed. 

Why Have I Decided to Take This Class 8

           I have decided to take this class because this class is one of the required classes to get a teaching license of English. If I cannot get a credit of this class, I cannot obtain the license to be an English teacher. I have to study hard to get deep knowledge before I teach students English. In addition, I think my writing skill in English is still poor.  I cannot communicate with foreigners well with such poor skills of English. I want to improve English skills. For example, when I send e-mail to my foreigner friends in English, they do not understand me. I do not want to face such situation. In this class, I want to study English hard and then I want to teach students English well or to enjoy communicating with foreigner friends through e-mails or SNS by nice writing skills.

Pros and Cons 3

                Japanese government has decided to teach children English at an elementary school but this decision has generated pros and cons. I agree with the new system. Proponents of this system insist that the earlier or younger people begin studying other languages, the better they will become. On the other hand, some scholars warn that primary school children are not old enough to understand other language because they do not have enough knowledge of Japanese. However, I think it is better for students to study English in childhood because Japanese children learn to speak Japanese without using other language knowledge. In short Japanese and English knowledge is not relative. Moreover, one of studies about this subject shows that old people who have learned to speak two or more languages do not get cognitive impairment easily. Studying other languages in childhood does not prevent from studying Japanese but makes people brain active. I agree with studying other language in childhood.

The Differences of Kamen Rider and Ultraman 8

          While Kamen Rider and Ultraman have some similarities, they have differences. First of all, their sizes are different. Ultraman is much bigger than a human size Kamen Rider. Only Ultraman becomes big before a battle starts. Another difference is that Ultraman can use weapons such as Ultraman Beam, but Kamen Rider just punches and kicks. Moreover, Kamen Rider rides a special bike but Ultraman has no vehicle. Finally, Ultraman can fly and he has to go back to the cosmos in three minutes, while Kamen Rider cannot fly but does not have three minute rule like Kamen Rider.

Teacher’s Quality 7

            Teachers need a lot of qualities. Three of such many qualities are especially important. They should have skills of teaching, be sympathetic with their students and be humorous. Of course, they need good skills when they teach something to their students. If they do not have deep knowledge, their students get right information nor develop their abilities. The second of three qualities is to be sympathetic with students when they make a mistake. If teachers scold students for mistakes, students are upset and their motivation for studies will be lost. In such a situation, they will stop studying. Finally, I think that being humorous is the most important for teachers. In Japan, some teachers think laughing is not needed in the classes. But it would be boring for students to study without laughing in classes. If they are humorous in the classroom and teach their students something interestingly, they can enjoy studies. Students get more skills and more knowledge by enjoying studying. In short, teachers should have these three qualities because if so, students are willing to study and will get deeper knowledge.

About my Hometown 6

           My hometown is Higashi-Osaka. I have lived there since I was born. One of the reasons I love it is that the city has beautiful nature that includes rivers, mountains and some large parks. I can relax by enjoying playing some sports, walking or going to picnic there. Also, I can view the sun rise from the mountain. It has a lot of nature but it is not in a country side. It takes ten or twenty minutes from my hometown to Namba by train. Higashi-Osaka is the nice city to live in. Moreover, it is famous for unique products around the world because there are many master craftsmen in the outskirts of the city, where factories have been making the parts such as Shinkansen or cars. With good skills of creating products, the engineers succeeded in building an artificial satellite called “Maido Ichigou” and launching it. I am proud of that. I love Higashi-Osaka city, which has not only nature and skillful persons but also is near Osaka city.